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“The Achievers Group”, Started in Pune since, 15th August 2016 on independence day of the “Republic of India” And we have been on an epic ride ever since and continue. We started as accounting firm now we have to provide Seven major financial services to our precious customers.

Our well experienced and well expert team is available 24*7 for our customers. We believe in Customers Satisfaction, Fast and Exceptional Service Quality. 

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Our Philosophy

To provide quality services to our clients with a commitment to uphold high standards of honesty, ethics, and integrity.We place the interest of the individuals including clients, contacts, staff and all stakeholders ahead of that of the Firm whenever such a need to differentiate arises.

Our Values

To enable constant improvement in the quality of service provided thereby providing maximum value to our clients.Our approach is informative, integrated and proactive. We ensure that we create and sustain long-term relationships with our clients. We work towards the goal of commitment and deliverability.

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Services Offered!


• Company Accounting.
• Firm Accounting.
• Housing Co-operative Society Accounting.


• Housing Co-Operative Society Audit.
• Audit Assistance and Audit Resource Providing.

Investment Consultant

• Mutual Funds.
• Insurance.
• Stock Market.
• Tax Planning.

Company Registration

• Private Ltd. Company.
• LLP.
• Partnership Firm.
• Shop Act Establishment.
• Udyog Addhar.

Loan’s and Finance

• Home Loan.
• Business Loan.
• Mortgage Loan.
• Personal Loan.
• Project Finance.
• Loan Transfer.

Co-Operative Society Work

• Accounting.
• Society PAN Card.
• Housing Co-operative Society Management.
• Registration of Housing Co-operative Society.


• Income Tax Return.
• TDS Filling.
• Advance Tax Filling.
• GST Registration.
• GST Return Filling.
• Profession Tax Registration.
• Profession Tax Return Filling.
• Tax Planning.

The Achievers Group

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